Store and Administration of Medication

​Student Medication

The storage and administration of medication is taken seriously by the OLA school community and is undertaken in consideration of the following points:
  • Should a student need to be administered medication parents/caregivers are required to obtain the Student Medication Request Form  which must be completed for medication to be administered to a student during school hours.  Forms can be downloaded by clicking below or alternatively please see the school office.
  • All medications are held in the School Office. 

Student Medication Request Form.pdfStudent Medication Request Form.pdf

Protocol for Administration of Medication to Students

3.1   When the principal has agreed, medication should only be administered to students during school hours or school activities when:
  1. it is authorised by the student’s medical practitioner
  2. the parent or person with the legal responsibility for the student makes a written request to the principal of the school including the instructions for administration of the medication and any special requirements;
  3. a teacher or other adult person on the school staff who volunteers to give medication to the particular student while at school or while involved in a school approved activity is authorised by the principal to do so; and
  4. all medication is in a container labelled by a pharmacist/ dispenser, showing the name of the drug, the “use by” date, the name of the student’s medical practitioner, the name of the student, the dosage and the frequency of administration.
3.2   In some cases it may be necessary for the student to keep the medication in their possession (eg. asthma medication, pancreatic enzyme replacements for cystic fibrosis). Where this is the case, a parent or a person with the legal responsibility for the student should include this instruction in their written advice.
3.3   Medication which is not labelled according to 3.1(d) shall not be accepted for use. It is the responsibility of the parent or person with the legal responsibility for the student to ensure that the medication:
  1. is clearly labelled;
  2. is not out of date;
  3. is provided in sufficient quantities for the student’s needs;
  4. is collected from the school at the completion of the student’s treatment.
 3.4   Instructions solely from the parent or person with the legal responsibility for the student without the required labelling on the medication as detailed in 3.1 (d) shall not be accepted.
3.5    All natural / alternative remedies must be administered in accordance with 3.1 above.
It is essential that all medications sent for administration at school, meets with this requirement.