​​​​Absences and Early Departure

Notified​ Absence:
When a child is away from school parents are required to notify the school either via telephone, email (penoggera@bne.catholic.edu.au), via the parent portal or BCE App on the day of the absence providing a reason for the absence.

Early Department
If a child needs to leave early for an appointment, parents/caregivers must send a note to the class teacher and notify the office.  Parents/caregivers are requested to collect their child from the office and sign them out via the ALLE Attendance System at the School Office.

Late Arrival
A child who arrives late to school must present to the school office with a parent/caregiver.  The parent/caregiver must sign in their child via the ALLE Attendance System.  Once they are signed in the office staff will give the student a late note to present to the teacher.

Student Attendance Procedure - Primary (as of 30 Jan 2023).pdf