Student Support

​The role of Support Teacher - Inclusive Education (STIE) is to work in collaborative partnerships to achieve educational outcomes for all students.

We are involved in the following ways:

  • ​Together with the class teachers, we discuss concerns with parents. (E.g. speech-language development, fine and gross motor development, as well as any specific needs children may have).
  • We resource teachers and parents.

  • We assess aspects of children’s progress such as phonological awareness, reading, spelling and numeracy levels.

  • We provide support to teachers in meeting the needs of all children, both those with learning difficulties and those requiring extension.​

We coordinate the timetabling of School Officers within the school. Together with the School Officers, we provide alternative lunchtime activities for children such as Structured Play.

As a part of the children’s transition to OLA, we contact and/or visit their Kindy, Pre-Prep, Childcare Centre or previous school to observe and speak with the teachers. This helps us to make the transition to OLA as smooth and stress-free as possible.  We work in collaboration with secondary schools when children transition from OLA.