​The tuckshop at Our Lady of the Assumption School enhances the learning and teaching environment by promoting healthy lifestyle choices. It serves as a practical example of nutritious living, providing wholesome food to students and reinforcing the healthy eating messages taught by staff and parents. 

Our school community values the tuckshop service highly and operates it with careful consideration of the following principles:
  • Promotion of healthy choices: The tuckshop encourages the selection of healthy food and drink options, fostering good eating habits in line with the Smart Choices Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools (2006).
  • Educational alignment: It offers a hands-on learning experience that complements the Nutrition Education component of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum.
  • Support of health services: The service aligns with other school health initiatives, such as dental services, to create a cohesive health support environment.
  • Safety standards: We maintain strict food handling procedures to ensure safety.
  • Community engagement: The tuckshop builds community spirit and appreciates the contributions of volunteer staff.
  • Regular reviews: The menu is reviewed at least annually to keep offerings fresh and appealing. An annual audit by the BCEC Workplace Health and Safety Officer ensures ongoing adherence to standards and practices.

Opening hours:

  • ​Wednesday (first break only)
  • Thursday (lunch and afternoon tea​)
  • Friday (lunch and afternoon tea​)

Orders can be conveniently placed using the Flexischools app.