Our Library

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Our library, staffed by a dedicated teacher-librarian and a library aide, is a dynamic hub that supports our curriculum and connections to the global community. 

It houses a diverse collection of resources—from books and digital media to DVDs and interactive learning kits—designed to cultivate a lifelong passion for literature, learning, and self-discovery. Students are encouraged to explore various media for both enjoyment and information. 

The library’s vibrant year-round activities include displays, author studies, Book Week, Book Club, and the annual Book Fair, all aimed at enhancing engagement with literature. Additionally, the library promotes independent usage, informed decision-making, and the development of essential lifelong learning skills. 

In collaboration with teaching staff, it integrates vital information skills into our curriculum, leveraging Information Communication and Learning Technologies (ICLTs) to improve educational outcomes. We encourage students to discover the joy and empowerment of reading, while learning to treat library resources with respect and care.

​Weekly borrowing​
Through weekly borrowing sessions, we aim to foster both the reading development and the literary enjoyment of our students. For our young readers transitioning to chapter books, we recommend the 'Five Finger Test' to help them select books at an appropriate reading level. Pre-readers are encouraged to explore books thoroughly before borrowing—examining the front cover, the back cover, and several pages in between—to ensure the book truly captivates their interest. These browsing skills are crucial in helping children make informed choices.

Borrowing limits​

  • Prep & Year 1, one per week
  • Year 2 & 3, two books per week
  • Year 4 & 5,  three books per week, and
  • Years 6, four books per week.
The library is open at first break on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The library is closed on the second break.