Drop-off and Pick-up

Ensuring the safety and efficiency of our pick-up and drop-off routines is paramount, and we appreciate your cooperation.

Morning Drop-off

​A Crossing Supervisor is on duty from 8:15 to 8:45 am each day. Children can arrive from 8:15 am each day and are supervised on school grounds.

Afternoon Pick-up

Vehicle pick-ups

Vehicles should enter the school grounds via South Pine Rd, just past the Respite Centre. Follow the signs to the designated pick-up zone, designed to ensure children can safely enter vehicles and reduce queuing.​ Children will be safely ushered into cars at this location. ​All vehicles will be directed to follow the ring road and exit onto Hurdcotte Street, where you can turn left or right. A teacher will supervise this area until 3:20 pm.

Walking pick-ups (Hurdcotte Street​)​​
Parents collecting their children on foot can meet them at the Hurdcotte Street shaded waiting area​. A teacher supervises this area until 3:20pm. Please note that the old pick-up zone is still designated as a restricted parking area by the Brisbane City Council, and parking is not permitted.​

Children who cannot be collected from school by 3:20 pm should be enrolled in the Outside School Hours Care for their safety and supervision.

Additional information

Parents are asked not to park in any staff car parks during school hours unless collecting a sick child. Children should use footpaths to enter and leave the school grounds and avoid walking through car parks due to traffic volume.

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines to keep our school community safe and our operations smooth.​​​​