School Education Program

Our School's Vision and Goal for Learning

Our Lady of the Assumption implements the Australian Curriculum and the Religious Education Archdiocese of Brisbane Curriculum from Prep – 6.

Our School is aligned with the Alice Springs Education Declaration on Educational goals. The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Educational Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians (2019) guides our planning and teaching at Our Lady of the Assumption. 

​At Our Lady of the Assumption, we uphold the two goals of the Australian Curriculum: 

  1. The Australian Education System promotes equity and excellence.

  2. All young Australians become: 

    • Confident and creative individuals.

    • Successful lifelong learners.

    • Active and informed members of the community. 

At Our Lady of the Assumption, our Vision for Education appropriately aligns with the Goal for Learning and Teaching as articulated in the Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) Learning and Teaching Framework:

“As a Catholic Christian community, we educate for all to live the gospel of  Jesus Christ as successful, creative and confident, active and informed learners empowered to shape and enrich our world."

(Religious Education, 2013, p10)​

​The school vision is intrinsically linked to these goals and is embedded in the school's Mission, Motto, Charism, Values for Learning and Pedagogical Practices.  The vision for learning and teaching forms the basis of our education program through delivering excellence in learning and teaching, as we respond to the diverse needs of our students.

School Education Program

Our Vision, Mission and goals for learning form the basis of our education program that focuses on the whole person. Learning and living are intrinsically linked with living life to the full, while learning and teaching prepare students for global responsibility and to work for the common good. Visible learning (Hattie 2009) and evidence-based practices impact positively on student achievement. Both are implemented at Our Lady of the Assumption.  

The Alice Springs Declaration, ACARA, BCE (Brisbane Catholic Education) Learning and Teaching Frameworks lead our Whole School Curriculum Delivery Plan at Our Lady of the Assumption. The main goal of Our Lady of the Assumption's Whole School Curriculum Education Program is to improve student engagement and learning outcomes for all students.​​​

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