ICL Technologies

Information, Communication and Learning Technologies Procedure

November 2006
Definition: Information and Communication Technology incorporates the use of a range of digital and computer hardware and software and associated peripherals for the purpose of information literacy and communication in a modern world. The school sees Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as integral to the students' life long learning.
  • The extent of Information and Communication Technology holdings within the school is subject to the School Renewal Program and budget.
  • The school has active filters in place to prevent access to inappropriate sites.
  • The school adheres and implements security measures as per BCEC guidelines.
  • Teachers will plan real life and life-like teaching and learning experiences, which incorporate the appropriate use of various technologies.
  • The school will establish flexible and challenging learning environments, which maximise student and teacher access to information and communication technologies.
  • Professional Development of staff will incorporate the development and maintenance of information and communication technology competencies of staff and the application of these competencies to effective learning and teaching in all key-learning areas.
  • The students will locate, evaluate and use effectively a variety of resources and presentation formats in their research and reporting.
  • The staff will promote and model values relating to the appropriate and responsible use of computers, the World Wide Web and other digital technologies.
  • The staff will exercise appropriate levels of care and monitor student access to ICT.
  • Inappropriate student behaviours associated with the use of ICT in the school will be dealt with in accordance with our Behaviour Management Procedure.
  • The Internet is available for access by the Teacher-Librarian, Teachers, School Personnel and supervised students.
  • Staff will collaborate for effective management of the Internet.
  • All staff, where feasible will try to incorporate appropriate use of electronic information throughout the curriculum.
  • Teachers are to provide guidance and instruction of appropriate use of the Internet.
  • The school undertakes a commitment to provide appropriate hardware, software and financial resources to facilitate the successful incorporation of access to on-line services throughout the curriculum.
  • The school will actively support the professional development of all staff to ensure the effective inclusion of information technologies.
  • The school will provide a written 'code of conduct' for users as guidance to students, staff and parents for appropriate use of the Internet.
  • The school will provide permission slip to be signed by the student and parent/guardians, giving permission for their child to access the Internet in a supervised setting.