Prep Eligibility

​​​​​Deciding when your child should enter Prep requires careful consideration about the best educational interest of your child. Your child's development when entering school has a long-lasting impact on progress and success throughout their schooling. 

​In Queensland, it is compulsory for your child to complete Prep before progression to Year 1. Your child will become eligible for Prep if they are aged 5 years by 30 June in the year of proposed attendance. Early or delayed entry to Prep may be considered in specific circumstances, and if deemed in the best educational interest of your child. Our Lady of the Assumption and Brisbane Catholic Education follow the Queensland Department of Education's​​ position​ on early entry and delayed entry.

​Entry to Prep

Please refer to the table below as a guide as to when your child will be eligible for Prep in all Queensland schools. Alternatively, you can use the Department of Education's online calculator​ to determine your child's start year.

​Prep Entry
​​1 July 2018   -  30 June 2019
​​Prep 2024
​1 July 2019   -  30 June 2020
​​Prep 2025
​​1 July 2020   - 30 June 2021
​​Prep 2026
​​1 July 2021    - 30 June 2022
​​Prep 2027
​​1 July 2022  -  30 June 2023
​​Prep 2028​

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