Defence School Mentor Program

​At Our Lady of the Assumption, we are proud to partner with the Department of Defence to support ADF families through the Defence School Mentor Program. We understand the unique challenges faced by children of ADF members and are dedicated to ensuring their successful integration and wellbeing within our school community.

Our Defen​ce School Mentor

Since 2022, Domenica Bohmer, has been an integral part of our team as the Defence School Mentor (DSM). Her role is crucial in supporting ADF children and families during key transition periods such as entering or leaving OLA, and times of parental absence due to deployments, training exercises, and courses.

How we support defence families

Fostering a sense of belong

Mrs Bohmer plays a pivotal role in helping ADF children feel safe, welcome, and connected beyond just their immediate classmates. Her efforts are tailored to ensure a smooth integration into the wider school community.

Emotional and social support 

The DSM program paired with our school policies, provides emotional and social support that caters specifically to the needs of ADF children. This support helps them access the necessary resources to thrive both academically and socially during their time at OLA. 

Building connections

Through various activities and events, we facilitate opportunities for ADF children to build meaningful relationships and connections within the school These initiatives are aimed at fostering a supportive network among students from similar backgrounds as well as the wider school community. 

Raising awareness

We are committed to educating our school community about the unique impacts of the Defence lifestyle on children and their families. This awareness ensures a supportive and understanding environments for all our students.

The Defence School Mentor Program at OLA is a collaborative effort with the Department of Defence, which provides funding to eligible schools to support the employment of DSMs like Mrs Bohmer. This partnership underscores our commitment to the wellbeing of ADF children and ensures that we are equipped to address the specific challenges presented by the military lifestyle.