​​​​​​​Principal - Gerard Campbell

Assistant Principal (APRE) - Simon Mahaffy

Primary Learning Leader (PLL) - Leisl O'Brien


Teaching Staff:

Prep Red -  Mrs Caryn Anderson
Prep Yellow -  Mrs Nell Houlahan & Mr Maurice Awhy
Year 1B -  Mrs Michelle Bell
Year 1G -  Mrs Ester Garufi & Mrs Mel Geraghty
Year 2B -  Mrs Kassandra Bock
Year 2M -  Ms Kerry Maher
Year 3B -  Ms Kylie Masterson
​Year 3G -  Mrs Petra Ohlrich & Mrs Maryanne Cantrell
Year 4A -  Mrs Sarina Arcodia
Year 4H -  Miss Maggie Harvey
Year 4R -  Ms Danielle Robertson
Year 5F -  Mr David Fitzsimon
Year 5M -  Miss Libby Malone
Year 6C -  Mr Matt Clark
Year 6K -  Ms Alice Townsend
Teacher Librarian - Mrs Kim Urquhart
Support Teacher Inclusive Education - Ms Eve Brown
Non Teaching Staff:
Finance Secretary - Mrs Clare Hewston
School Secretary - Mrs Sue Smith & Mrs Cassandra Fraser
Library Aide - Mrs Fiona Roberts
School Officers:
- Mrs Anne Rees
- Mrs Moya Connell
- Mrs Sue Crosdale
- Mrs Domenica Bohmer
- Mrs Janet Dyer
- Mrs Patricia Graham
- Mrs Shauna Rowsell
- Mrs Megan Connolly
- Mrs Carolina Robles-Berkovich
- Mrs Debbie Mennes
- Mrs Amanda Beerhalter
- Mrs Linda Chu
- Mrs Michelle Lafferty
- Mrs Kerri Lanfranchi
- Mrs Wendy Riddle
- Mrs Susan Seeto
- Mrs Janelle Armstrong
Specialist Staff:
Guidance Counsellor - Tracey Besley
Music Teacher - Mrs Sharon Farne Sang
Swimming Brothers' Swim Program
LOTE (Japanese) Mrs Kellie Stimson -Yrs 5 & 6
Music (Private Piano) - Mrs Lesley Parish
Strings Teacher - Mrs Angela Batch

Band Teacher - Ms Darlene Ferguson

Guitar Teacher - Mr Steve Petersen

Maintenance Staff:
Cleaners - Qld Corporate Maintenance
Groundsman - Ms Dubhe Warner
Tuckshop Convenor - Ms Sandra Dale


Specialist Staff
Within the scope of the KEY LEARNING AREAS, specialist teachers are engaged to provide for specific needs of children and also for enrichment. This staff includes:

OLA shares the services of a part-time Guidance Counsellor. Please make contact through your class teacher, Learning Support Teacher or via the school office.

Support Teacher – Inclusive Education (ST-IE)
This teacher assists and case manages students who have diverse learning needs.

The Brisbane Catholic Special Education Inclusive Education Service also provides specialised services and personnel to meet the needs of students and to support teachers. These include students:

- with learning difficulties
- with hearing/sight or physical impairments
- with social and emotional difficulties
- who are gifted and talented
- with speech and language impairments

Students are assessed and may have the curriculum adjusted to meet their learning needs. Parents are an integral part of this wrap-around planning team, together with the ST:IE, Class Teacher and consultants. Curriculum programs are student-centred and developed co-operatively for use in the classroom.

Alternative lunchtime activities are available all days in the Learning Support room.

Music Teachers
A music teacher is employed by the school and children are introduced to aspects of musical composition and involved in vocal and instrumental performances. The school choirs practice and perform on a regular basis. Instrumental lessons (strings, brass, woodwind, percussion, guitar and piano) are also available at the school on a private basis. Contact details are below:

Piano Mrs Lesley Parish 3855 1371 / 0402 110 880

OLA Instrumental Music Program
OLA offers an instrumental program for students in Prep - Year 6 (strings, guitar and ukulele), Years 1-6 (percussion) and Years 3-6 (woodwind and brass).  OLA owns a number of instruments that are available to hire for the first year of lessons.  Students participate in group lessons (class sizes approximately 3-5) during the school day and participate in an ensemble rehearsal before school. These perform regulary throughout the school year.  The benefits of instrumental music lessons include growth in self-confidence, co-ordination, teamwork, self-expression, memory skills, concentration, problem solving, and goal setting.

Swimming Teacher
Qualified coaches, under the supervision of the class teacher, give lessons in basic swimming techniques and water safety skills during Terms 1 and 4. These lessons are held at Enoggera State School and children walk to lessons under the supervision of their class teacher and volunteer parents.

Defence School Transition Aide
This Aide is employed through funding from the Defence Community Organisation under the umbrella of the Defence Department to provide added support to both children of defence personnel and their families during their time at the school.