Prep program

​General Information

 Prep students wear the school sports shirt and shorts.

​Prep Enrolment

We ask parents to enrol children in the Prep/Prep Program well in advance of their year of commencement. Positions in our Prep program are highly sort after and late enrolment may mean that no place is available.​


Prep Curriculum

The Prep curriculum embraces all of the interactions and experiences – spontaneous and planned – that constitute a child’s Prep day. Through a multiplicity of child-initiated activities, there develops in each child a range of critical thinking and communicating skills.
Many important competencies and life skills are developed through the Foundation Learning Areas (FLAs) as set out in Education Queensland’s Prep Curriculum Guidelines, 1998.
Our Early Years teachers and assistants (Years Prep to Year 3) are working towards embracing Ed. Qld’s Early Years Curriculum Guidelines, currently in pre-publication format.


Prep Religious Education

 While the child’s spiritual development is closely dependent upon the spiritual climate of the family, the child is encouraged to experience God through the events of everyday living at Prep and at home. We use components of the Catechises of the Good Shepherd to help the Prep children to encounter God. This helps the children begin to understand the culture of our Catholic faith.​