​​​​​Our Lady of the Assumption, Outside School Hours Care

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Catholic EarlyEd Care - Our Lady of the Assumption Enoggera​

9 Hurdcotte St, Enoggera

Ph -  07 3354 2587

Our Lady of the Assumption Outside School Hours Care aims to provide the highest possible care and supervision for all children who attend. It is through preparation and the dedication of our staff that a safe, supportive and stimulating environment can be achieved.

As a licensed service, we are bound to comply with the Child Care Act 2002 and the Child Care Regulation 2003, including requirements relating to the children’s program, ratios of children to staff, and staff qualifications. Additionally, we work with the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care to ensure that all requirements and care are of a safe and suitable standard.

The service aims to provide support to families through the provision of:

  • Quality care in a safe and secure environment for all children from Prep to Year 6.
  • An environment in which the importance of middle childhood is supported through the provision of numerous and ever-changing social and recreational activities.
  • An opportunity for all children to develop social skills and life skills, whilst being supported by friendly qualified staff.
  • Quiet areas for reflection, reading and the completion of school tasks.
  • Opportunities for self-initiated imaginative play and fun, through programming that reflects the children’s likes, interests and hobbies through a range of different mediums including regular surveys and questionnaires.


Parent Involvement

We encourage open communication with parents and welcome any suggestions or comments you may have. We also welcome you at the service at any time.

Hours of Operation

  • BEFORE SCHOOL CARE 6.30 am - 8.30 am
  • AFTER SCHOOL CARE  3.00 pm - 6.00 pm (2:55 for Preps as we collect them from the classroom)
  • VACATION CARE  7.00 am - 6.00 pm     

Our service implements a Late Collection Fee of $25.00 per 15 minutes or part thereof if your child is collected after 6 pm.



For Families:

On return of the enrolment & booking form family and child profiles annually, the Coordinator will discuss with each family the general operations of the service, highlighting various aspects of the program i.e. child protection, grievance procedures, parent information board, fee payments & sign in/out etc. If required, service information and other relevant community information can be translated. Please speak to the Coordinator if you require this service for yourself or any member of the enrolled child’s family. Should your child need any special considerations, please see the Coordinator.

For Children:

Upon commencement of the service, the child/children will be shown around the service, important areas will be highlighted i.e. toilets, drinking fountains, boundaries, food storage etc. All staff will be introduced to the child, as will other children with whom the child may wish to play.

Please provide a broad-brimmed hat for outdoor play. The service has a ‘No Hat, No Play’ rule. We also provide sunscreen and insect repellent for every child in the service.


Child Care Benefit

Families using the program must apply for Commonwealth Childcare Benefits through the Family Assistance Office. Our Lady of the Assumption Outside School Hours Care will not charge the reduced fees until advised in writing of the relevant information by the Family Assistance Office. Please ensure that children attending Our Lady of the Assumption OSHC are registered or linked to all services i.e. Before, After & Vacation Care. For more information contact the Family Assistance Office at 13 61 50. 

Child Care Rebate

The Child Care Rebate helps families meet the cost of child care. Even if you do not receive the Child Care Benefit you may still be eligible for the Rebate. It pays up to 50% of your out-of-pocket expenses per child per year up to an annual cap. For information on how you can claim and what you are entitled to contact the Family Assistance Office on 136150 or visit australia.gov.au/mychild.

Code of Behaviour for Children

Children will conduct themselves in a manner that is courteous and respectful to others at all times. Inappropriate language or behaviour will not be tolerated. We have a behaviour management plan that encourages children to take responsibility by discussing with them the consequences of their actions.  By taking responsibility for their own actions, the children learn from their own experiences.


Our Lady of the Assumption OSHC recognises the importance of homework. Whilst it is the policy of the service that homework is an individual’s responsibility, we endeavour to create a time and place whereby homework may be done. This is usually completed between 3:30 and 4:00 pm each afternoon where only those children with homework will be allowed inside, free from the distractions of the other children. Staff will assist with homework from time to time depending on the numbers and ratios of children to staff.



Breakfast is available from 6.30 – 7.30 am every morning. We offer a variety of cereals, toast and juice. There is no breakfast or morning tea during Vacation Care.

Afternoon Tea is offered on arrival. Afternoon tea is a snack for children to enjoy after school, it is not meant to substitute a meal. We encourage children to select from a range of nutritious foods as well as try new and different foods. We generally offer a variety of fresh sandwiches, rice cakes, cruskits, and fresh fruit daily.

If your child has special dietary requirements please discuss with the Coordinator upon enrolment.


Activities Program

The program of this service is child-centred and based on the principles of ‘emergent curriculum’. Each child is treated as an individual. A wide range of materials and equipment are available. The children are encouraged to make choices and pursue activities according to their own interests, development and skills.

In keeping with the philosophy of Emergent Curriculum this program aims to support and foster children’s interests, ideas and learning. Care providers support, facilitate, resource, extend, interact and encourage the children to explore their ideas, interests and skills. Fostering decision-making, choices and self-selection is highly valued.

I look forward to meeting all the new enrolments for 2013 and please feel free to drop by anytime and have a look through our building and introduce yourself and your family.