Resolution of Issues of Concern

In an environment based upon human relationships, we recognise that concerns may arise.  We strive to promote right relationships through open discussion in the spirit of seeking the truth and maintaining harmony with those with whom we interact.

The nurturing of rich and authentic relationships is the responsibility of all members of our school community and may be enhanced through the following steps:

  1. ​All issues should be addressed to the teacher concerned.
  2. Contact may be made with teachers by telephone, written note or email. ​If you are unable to​ make direct contact with a teacher the office staff will be able to assist. At the meeting the issue is discussed and the facts recorded.
  3. The parties work to reach a mutually agreeable resolution and devise an action plan.
  4. follow up appointment is set if required.
  5. Should a mutually satisfactory resolution not be able to be reached the issues will be taken to the Principal who will endeavour to assist in a resolution.
  6. The Principal may invite a facilitator from Brisbane Catholic Education or another trained Mediator to assist.