Dress Code

Dress Code Procedure

November 2006
The staff at Our Lady of the Assumption School , under the direction of the Brisbane Catholic Education Centre, follow Dress Code Procedures which stress:
That as role models in the school and local community we dress appropriately
That we present ourselves professionally in recognition of the public position we hold.
That our code of dress is in accordance with Workplace, Health and Safety Regulations.
The implementation of the Dress Code Procedures at OLA will be in consideration of the OLA SunSmart Procedures and under the following guidelines:

General Dress Code

The staff agree that this will be appropriate for the day's work, modest and professionally acceptable.

Sports Days, Sport and PE

Dress regulations for such occasions will reflect the activity of the day and climatic conditions.

Professional Duties Outside of School Hours

In regard to the formality and special nature of some school and community functions, the staff will present
themselves in a high standard of dress that will reflect their professional status.

Excursions and Retreats

Dress for such occasions will be consistent with community expectations and environmental conditions.

Workplace Health and Safety

Staff must meet the Workplace, Health and Safety regulations for the activity concerned.

Grooming and Modesty

As role models to the students, staff must demonstrate good grooming and modesty in their personal appearance and dress.

Gender Equity

The staff recognises the equity of all staff members in specific dress needs.