Travel Arrangements

‚ÄčA Crossing Supervisor is on duty from 8:15 to 8:45am and 2:45 to 3:20pm.

Children are supervised in the school grounds from 8:15am each day.

Children waiting to be collected by parents assemble at the Hurdcotte Street shaded waiting area where a teacher supervises them until 3:20 p.m. Children who cannot be collected by this time should be enrolled at the Out of School Care Centre.

All children being picked up in a vehicle will be escorted to the Activity Centre and ushered to cars from this location. A teacher will be on duty until 3.20 PM.

Cars are to enter the school grounds from South Pine Rd (just past the Respite Centre). The pick up zone has a sign indicating where the children can safely enter vehicles and hopefully there will be much less queuing. All vehicles will then exit into Hurdcotte St and can turn left or right.

The ring road will be one way only.

Parents can still collect children from the rotunda area if they walk into the school. Do not park in the old pick up zone as it is still designated by the Brisbane City Council as a restricted parking area. This may change in the future.Parents are requested not to leave their cars but to drive through to collect their children.

Please note parents are not to park in any of the staff car parks during school hours unless they are collecting a sick child. Children should not walk through any of the car parks due to a volume of traffic, instead they should use the foot paths to enter and leave the school grounds.