School Board

​The OLA School Board was established in 2001 in line with Brisbane Catholic Archdiocesan policy and operates under the Pastoral Model of Boards. This means it is concerned with nurturing the dignity and self worth of people, building life-giving relationships and the holistic educational welfare of the students. It allows parents and parishioners to contribute their wisdom to the decision-making process which complement the knowledge and skills of School leadership team.

Membership of the Board is open to all members of the School and Parish community. The Board is comprised of people who have diverse but complementary expertise and members include the Parish Priest, the Principal, teachers, parents and parishioners. Those on the School Board are members rather than representatives. They are from different facets of the OLA community and bring their own perspective, shared wisdom and experience. They do not lobby or advocate for or against any particular group in the community. The usual period of membership is three years, with a number of members leaving and new members joining each year. A Board chair is appointed on an annual basis.

The Board uses consensus for decision-making which occurs after alternatives have been thoroughly discussed by the group with all participants freely expressing their views and feelings. A decision is made when a particular position or solution has been determined as being the best way forward for the good of the whole (community) even though, on occasion, this solution may not be the preferred solution of each Board Member. It is noted this process of decision making differs from taking a vote on each matter raised for discussion. The Board follows the principle of “subsidiarity”, that is, it acts within a defined area of responsibility. It does not have authority above or over the Principal, the staff or the P&F and it is not a complaints body.

The purpose of the Pastoral School Board is to involve the local community in the “bigger picture” of School planning and to assist the Parish Priest and the Principal to set the direction for the School. One way this is done is by developing and reviewing policies through identifying needs, prioritising those needs, gathering data, reflection, consultation with the community and the drafting of policy.

In line with Archdiocesan policy, OLA School follows a continual process of renewal. The Board also acts as a review and/or reference/consultative body to the School as various areas are addressed through this on-going renewal process. This also includes budget planning and endorsement

The School Board meets twice each term.
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