Holiday Raffle

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Terms & Conditions for First Prize

1. The $5000 Travel Voucher is only valid for use at Flight Centre Brookside.

2. The Travel Voucher is valid for use until 28th February 2018.

3. The Travel Vouchers may only be applied up to the maximum value of the Travel Voucher which is unspent at the time of use. Where the cost of purchase exceeds the balance of the Travel Voucher, the excess amount must be paid by another payment method.

4. The Travel Voucher may be redeemed in whole or part during the validity period. Where used in part, no change will be given. Any unused balance may be used against future purchases, but will not be refunded or credited when the Travel Voucher expires.

5. The Travel Voucher may not be redeemed or exchanged for cash, traveller’s cheques, cash passports or any other form of currency. The Travel Voucher is not transferable. The prize is for the competition winners use only and cannot be handed/gifted/sold to a third party.

6. You are liable for all transactions on your Travel Voucher except those caused by fraud or negligence by FCTG or its employees.

7. Your Travel Voucher may not be used for payment of credit or retailer accounts.

8. Personal information collected in relation to your Gift Card will be handled in accordance with FCTG’s Privacy Policy which is available at or in store.