Parents & Friends Association

Our children’s development and education is important to us as parents and working together with the school to support this is essential.
 The OLA P & F provides an opportunity for parents to play an active part in their children’s education and the school community.

One of the important ways the P & F does this is by raising funds for school projects that improve resources for our children. 

However, the P & F relies heavily on the ongoing enthusiastic support of parents in organising social events and providing a willing group of volunteers that make them happen.

Another important facet of the P & F is the fostering of a strong school community through activities that bring school staff, parents and students together such as the annual Christmas Carol night.

The  P& F Association is open to all parents as a means of becoming involved and sharing their skills and expertise for the benefit of all children in our school.

The Annual General Meeting is held in October each year. Office Bearers are able to hold their positions for three years according to our constitution.

OLA PandF Consitution

The P & F Executive Committee for 2018/19 is:

  • President - Amanda Viner
  • Vice President - Kristi Dillon
  • Treasurer - Steve Neil
  • Secretary - Craig Burton
Executive Committe Members:
  • Sandra Dale
  • Rebecca Slusarski
  • Tanya Stephens
  • Cherie Baxter

See below for P & F meeting dates for 2019.  All meetings are at 7.30pm in the OLA Staff Room. All welcome.

​Monday 4 February
​Monday 4 March
​Monday 1 April
​No meeting - Public Holiday
​Monday 3 June
​No meeting - school holidays
​Monday 5 August
​Monday 2 September

​Tuesday 8 October - due to Public Holiday - also includes AGM at 7pm
​​Monday 4 November

​Contact Us:

Email -
Facebook - OLA Enoggera P&F